Anurognathus in Primeval

Anurognathus was a diminutive Pterosaur of the suborder of the Rhamphorhynchoidea. It was the smallest of all the Pterosaurs, bar perhaps one other which was closely related to it (though this is unclear) If the smallest, then it would be at a tiny 30-50 cm - very small indeed by Pterosaur standards, even for Rhamphorhyncids. In spite of being within this suborder, Anurognathus had a short tail, uncharacteristic of the group. It would have weighed less than a bag of sugar, a kilogram or less.

In Walking With Dinosaurs and its Specials, these Pterosaurs are seen to live close to and amongst Sauropod herds, literally existing upon the backs of giant Dinosaurs such as Diplodocus and Apatosaurus. They are tiny little insectivores, that are common and widespread in the Late Jurassic, around 155-145 Million Years Ago. One is even shown to be, 'not hunting for insects, but a host'. He finds it in a 12 metre long adolescent Diplodocus.

Inlife Anurognathus actually lived in Europe so the ones in the documentaries may actually be Anurognathus' relative Mesadactylus.(162-149)



Anurognathus clinging to a plant.


  • Anurognathus makes a quick appearance (flying next to the Diplodocus herd) in the different version of the intro of Chased by Dinosaurs.

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