Anurognathus are small species of pterosaur with pin-like teeth. They are shown to be blood-thirsty creatures and have been known to have a keen sense of smell and smell blood.

A flock came out of the anomaly where a golfer got his finger bitten and flung a drop of blood on a tree which caused a flock of Anurognathus to kill him off-screen. The team thought the Pteranodon did that, but it was revealed that the Anurognathus did it by biting the people one by one.

Nick Cutter and Claudia Brown were attacked by the Anurognathus flock. Nick went outside with a flamethrower to burn the flesh eating killers. Claudia got out as Helen Cutter puts pots and pans in a microwave which caused and explosion to kill all the Anurognathuses.

In series 5, another flock of Anurognathus came and some were shot by EMDs. April was about to shoot Abby, but the Anurognathus flock attacked April and drive her to her death. Abby finds April's dead body as an Anurognathus leaves. It is unknown what happened to the Anurognathus. They were possibly killed when the building was sucked by a large anomaly or maybe they managed to escape out of the building in time and are still at large.



  • Anurognathus didn't came from the Creataceous like Pteranodon, but they did came from the Jurassic, but although it likely that they came to an anomaly where the Cretaceous is.
  • Anurognathus usually eat small insects, but in Primeval they are blood-thirsty monsters.

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