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Argentinosaurus Herd

Argentinosaurus is possibly the largest land animal that ever lived, at 33-37metres long and weighing a staggering 75-100 tons. It means, Argentina Lizard (and Argentina itself means Land of Silver, thus meaning in a way you could say Argentinosaurus means Lizard of the Land of Silver)

Argentinosaurus was part of the Titanosaur family of Sauropods, which seems to be the most successful family of Sauropods; after the decline of their predecessors, the Diplodocids and Brachiosaurids of the Mid-Late Jurassic Period. Titanosaurs were most adundant in the Southern Hemisphere, particularly South America - as with the Argentinosaurus of South America - during the mid Cretaceous Period.

Walking with DinosaursEdit

Argentinosaurus wwd

Argentinosaurus as depicted in Chased By Dinosaurs

Argentinosaurus didn't feature in the main series of Walking with Dinosaurs.


Argentinosaurus featured in the first episode of Chased By Dinosaurs, in which Nigel Marven hunted for the biggest predator (Giganotosaurus) and the biggest prey, which was Argentinosaurus. The first he encountered was a juvenile on its own, which was nevertheless at least as large as the largest Sarcosuchus in the lake nearby; though Nigel explained that the adults were 40 times as heavy. He later found a herd of these dinosaurs and watched them lay eggs.(102-89)


  • The eggs of this gigantic animal had only the size of a rugby ball.
  • Argentinosurus may actually be smaller than Amphicoelias and Seismosaurus!