An Archosaur brook in the wet season in Arizona.

Arizona was the 48th state to join the union. It became a state on Wednesday, February 14, (Valentine's Day) 1912. It is best known for it's copper industry, as it is it's product.

There were semi-arid deserts with short rainy seasons.

In New Blood, the rains are over 9 months late.

American historyEdit

It was a property of Mexico, as was New Mexico, California, Wyoming, Idaho, Texas (a MAJOR part!), Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma, and others. They wanted to break away, and form up with the USA. Mexico did not want to let that happen, so the Mexican-American War started. Mexico's leader, General Santa Anna, was captured by 11th President James K. Polk and general, and later president  Zachary Taylor. The territories were now states, but Arizona would have to wait another 64 years before becoming a state.

Walking With DinosaursEdit

In New Blood, the setting is Ghost Ranch, although it is in New Mexico, during the Chinle Formation. Arizona had few plants, and it still does today. Fern scrublands would not be soaked, and less water ment few plants, and that ment less food for Placerias. On top of a hill near one of the fern scrublands, one of the Archosaurs attacked a Placerias, resulting in his death.  Her territory, with very little water, is invaded by another, older, bigger Postosuchus, and he drives her away. The female then dies under the merciless heat of the desert sun, with her wounds and starved condition.

In Ghost Ranch, many Coelophysis skeletons were found there.

The filming location was New Caledonia.