Big al
Carnivore means "meat-eater". A lot of carnivores are featured in Walking with Dinosaurs and its specials. The T-Rex family, Big Al and the Liopleurodon are just a few of those.

Being a CarnivoreEdit

A carnivorous animal often grows up with its mother until it's big enough to roam on its own. They are often splendid predators and can hunt down any smaller animal, if they're lucky enough. But they do not always hunt animals for food. Sometimes, they hunt for gaining respect, or for being undisturbed, and/or other reasons. When it occurs rivality in a area, like two male T-Rex, they can begin to fight each other until one of them dies.

Carnivores can be any shape and size from allosaurus to t.rex '''''and from Ornitolestes''''' to Utahraptor

List of CarnivoresEdit