Columbin Mammoth
The Columbian Mammoth was an animal in BBC's Prehistoric America or Wild New World  where it was shown living in canyon lands and prairies. It also shown a fossil found in Nevada where 2 males died for mating along with a coyote that got crushed by the falling mammoths.

The Mammoth also appears in the Primeval series two holding up traffic on the M25 motorway. As it desperately tries to make its way to the nearby trees, it completely destroys all the nearby cars. Using female elephant urine, the team manage to lead it into a lorry trailer and trap it, taking it back to the ARC where it was kept in a large garage.

After being chased through the ARC by a Future Predator, Lester releases the Mammoth which impales the predator on its tusks. Lester then jokes that his children have been wanting him to get a pet. The Mammoth was seen in the new ARC's menagerie in episode 4.2 and episode 4.4.

In episode 5.5, the anomaly on the M25 reopened and another Mammoth (possibly more) entered it.&nbsp.

Columbian Mammoth

the Mammoth from Prehistoric America

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