The Cretaceous was a period in Earth's history. This period is notably the last period in which large non-avian
Dinosaurs, and various other Mesozoic Era animals, lived on Earth. The Cretaceous period derives its name from the Latin word for chalk, creta, a mineral that has been found in extensive beds at this time - such as Crete of course. Reptiles ruled the Earth as they had done since the Permian Period, with dinosaurs ruling all terrestrial ecosystems, while other creatures, such as Pterosaurs and Mosasaurs, inhabited the skies and the seas.

The Cretaceous began 145.5 Million Years Ago, and ended 80 Million Years or so later, 65.5 Million Years Ago. The Cretaceous Period saw an extensive evolutionary diversification in many animals and plants, and whilst the Dinosaurs famously spread over the whole planet adapting to a range of conditions varying from Polar Forests to barren deserts, other massive evolutionary developments occured for many others. Plants evolved the angiosperms - flowering plants - between 140 and 130 Million Years Ago. By the Late Cretaceous, they had become highly important and widespread, relegating the old plant orders of Ferns, Cycads and Conifers, to the periphery of the botanical world. Ever since, angiosperms have gone from strength to strength, now having been the dominant flora since the Late Cretaceous Period.

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