Cymbospondylus In Sea Monsters

Cymbospondylus is a large Ichthyosaur, around 30 (10 metres) feet in length. It is one of the largest and most primitive of the group. It belonged to the Shastasauridae, Triassic Period Ichthyosaurs much more massive than later Jurassic and Cretaceous Period Ichthyosaurs (which evolved from smaller and rarer Ichthyosaurs of lesser, minor ecological standing as it were in the Early Triassic)

Walking with DinosaursEdit

Cymbospondylus isn't featured in the original Walking with Dinosaurs series.


Cymbospondylus is encountered in Sixth Most Dangerous Sea, in Sea Monsters: A Walking with Dinosaurs Trilogy.

Sea Monsters Episode 1

Nigel holds the tail of the Tanystropheus, when it is taken by a Cymbospondylus, which devours the dead tail. the Cymbospondylus then turns and swims to Nigel, who seems to be prey. The Cymbospondylus circles Nigel, nipping. The Cymbospondylus lunges at Nigel, a warning shot. Then the Cymbospondylus charges and comes close to Nigel. But Nigel then strikes him with his electric rod. The Cymbospondylus tries again, but is struck again. The Cymbospondylus turns away.


  • The Cymbospondylus is the only Sea Monster to have a 'fight' with Nigel.