was a carnivorous mammal and member of the family Amphicyonidae, also known as the bear dogs.

Cynodictis is called a "bear dog" because it does indeed look like a cross between a bear and a dog. Fossil evidence shows that it lived in burrows. This are also genuine evolutionary relatives of the Bears and Dogs, and present their own, unique order that lived between 40 and 9 Million Years Ago. They, whilst minor predators in a world of the Entelodon and the Hyaenodon, would have been tenacious predators, hunting smaller game such as Rabbits.

Walking with BeastsEdit


A family of Cynodictis and a pair of Paraceratherium

A family of Cynodictis is shown in the episode Land of Giants, although their name, other than bear dog, is not stated. The creature's burrowing habit is also shown.They also appeared in the 1st episode when the narrator said 'He chose the wrong lare to drink' and he got attacked by a Ambulocetus though this was perhaps another species.