Diictodon bbc-1-

Diictodon were small mammal-like reptiles that lived in the Permian. They were Dincinodonts.

Walking with DinosaursEdit

Diictodon didn't appear in Walking With Dinosaurs.

Walking with MonstersEdit

Several pairs of Diictodon were seen and one was shown with a close up to its middle ear bone and it was said that one day it will evolve into mammals, beacuse these middle ear bones are something no other reptile has. they gathered lots of twigs for food, (there strong beaks could eat the twigs) and returned to the burrow underground.

A Gorgonops later came to investigate. The Diictodon pop their heads out and the Gorgonops tries to catch them in her jaws, but the Diictodon were too quick.

Later, the Diictodons dig deeper to escape the heat and they find a migrating herd of Scutosaurus outside. The Gorgonops later goes back to the Diictodon and she tries to dig them out, but the Diictodon's hard work pays off. Their tunnel in the sun baked Earth is deep enough to keep them safe in the great mass extinction. After a volcano erupts, all the Diictodon are stated to have dug deep enough to be safe. The Scutosaurus, the Rhinesuchus, and the Gorgonops have all been killed by the lava, but the Diictodons survived and a pair are eating plant tubers which hold enough water and nutrients to keep them going for several months. A Diictodon on the surface evolves into Lystrosaurus.

A curious Diictodon.