Dr.David Martill is a British Palaeontologist. He is a reader and lecturer of Palaeontology. He was one of several hundred experts contacted by the Walking With Dinosaurs producers, with the aim to evidence the series and provide accurate scientific advice.

Dr.David Martill is a world renowned authority on Pterosaurs and Cretaceous fauna including Dinosaurs, with as most Palaeontologists, a strong working knowledge of the rest of Geological and Evolutionary history in deep time.

Dr.David Martill was credited as the main scientific advisor for the third episode of Walking With Dinosaurs; Cruel Sea. He also gave advice for the fourth episode, Giant of the Skies.

Among the species Dr.David Martill has named as main researcher, is the spectacular South American Spinosaurid Dinosaur, Irritator challengeri.

According to Dr.David Martill, he had given the figure of 20 metres for the upper growth limit of Liopleurodon ferox. However, the creators of Walking With Dinosaurs opted to add another 5 metres to this figure for artistic license purposes of dramatic effect. Regardless, as Dr.David Martill points out on the otherhand, evidence of a sub-adult Liopleurodon which may have been 18 metres long already. This suggests not so unreasonably that a particularly large, bull male Liopleurodon of advanced age, could have potentially reached the mid twenties in terms of length in metres.

Dr.David Martill is one of the guest speakers on the Walking With Dinosaurs - The Making Of... documentary video (1999) part of the DVD dual disc set. In this, he explains the anatomy of Pterosaurs and the manner in which Pterosaurs could fly, being extremely lightweight in spite of being huge reptiles with massive wingspans.

Dr.David Martill also appears as a speaker and scientific advisor in the Walking With Monsters : The Trilogy of Life (2005) a behind the scenes summary of the Walking With....series and backstory to the formation of the series, and the challenges, critical acclaim and criticisms received. He explains the mistakes made in Palaeontology and the nature of scientific progress, the positive effects of programmes like WWD etc and the way in which the animators could call themselves part of a Palaeontological process in accurately reconstructing extinct animals, for instance.

Dr.David Martill also appears in the Making Of... video featurette for Sir David Attenborough's Flying Monsters (2011)

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