Dryosaurus (meaning 'Oak Lizard') is a genus of an Ornithopod Dinosaur that lived in the Late Jurassic Period(155-144)of North America. It was about 4 metres long and 1-2 metres tall, a rather large Hypsilophodontid, in comparison with the average sized species that is. It was still a small herbivore under the threat of predation at all times, and so its main defence, was to simply outrun its attackers with bolts of lightening fast speed.
Dryosaurus WWD

Dryosaurus, as depicted in The Ballad of Big Al

Walking with DinosaursEdit

Dryosaurus did not feature in the main series of Walking with Dinosaurs, though some speculate that the small Hypsilophodontids seen in cameo roles are either a variant of Dryosaurus or Othnielia (Time of the Titans, the Dinosaurs with the red heads, also seen in the background of the panning shot of the pair of Stegosaurus and the Diplodocus herd, and several were seen as charred bodies after the forest fire) It's possible they could've been other Ornithopods like either Drinker or Laosaurus. However it is most likely to be Dryosaurus due to their shape and also because of their population.



===Dryosaurus/Gallery=== Dryosaurus were featured in the special,The Ballad of Big Al a herd of Dryosaurus is feeding when Big Al ambushes them and trips on a fallen branch mortally injuring himself. In When Dinosaurs Roamed America a Dryosaurus family are the main characters in the late Jurassic segment. A mother of 2 are looking for water in the dry season, however they are being stalked by a Ceratosaurus that is ambushing the family. The Ceratosaurus then chases the family but one of the young get's killed by the horned carnivore. The family follows a herd of Camarasaurus for the dry season. But when the rains arive a new giant comes and has a strong weapon it's whip tail. This is Apatosaurus the dryosaurs follow the herd and thanks to one of the diplodocoids injures an urgently starvubg Allosaurus trying to kill a member. The family of the Dryosaurus encounters the same Ceratosaurus after being wounded from a Stegosaurus but the horned carnivore gets killed by urgently starving Allosaurus making the Allosaurus satisfied.