Edaphosaurus is an early sailed back creature and belongs to the family of mammal-like reptiles called Synapsids.

Walking with DinosaursEdit

These huge sailed back animals didn't appear in the Walking with Dinosaurs series.

Walking with MonstersEdit

Petrolacosaurus evolves into Edaphosaurus. These huge herbivores use their sails to absorb heat from the sun, they eat plants and are 2 meters in length. one goes to the pool to drink and encounters a seymoria. However, another sail-backed monster called Dimetrodon appears. The Edaphosaurus runs away but the male dimetrodon catches it and kills it and the male Dimetrodon eats the dead Edaphosaurus. later, a female edaphosaurus lays eggs just before the winter comes. they forage for the last remaining plants and get a good meal. and after that,they hibernate in the cold weather and try to warm up. after the cold weather, the edaphosaurus are enjoying eating plants and most of the young have survived.

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