Entelodon vs. Hyaenodon

At 1 tonne in weight, 2.1 metres at


the shoulder, and 3 metres long, Entelodon was a monstrous relatives of the boars, and pigs; though it killed more often than foraged. It had a brain no bigger than an orange. It was omnivorous. It lived in the Oligocene Epoch, 30-22 Million Years Ago. In Walking With Beasts, Entelodon was the archenemy of Hyaenodon, and a constant threat to the herbivores of the Mongolian ecosystem of 25 Million Years Ago, in Land of Giants. Males were shown to fight for dominance over females and territory; which is evidenced by horrific tooth inflicted bite marks on the skulls of various Enteledont species. It is said for the time period, the only culprit who could inflict those kind of injuries, and leave damage in such shapes of tooth marks, was the Entelodon itself. It is also shown moving in small numbers, in gang like formations that harass other carnivores away from kills. A notable example of this is when a large Hyaeodon male attacks, kills and begins to eat a mature Chalicothere. Shortly after the kill, several large Entelodon adults arrive and harass the Hyaeondon. Outnumbered (though one-on-one the large Hyaenodon was more than a match for the Entelodon) the lone Hyaenodon had no choice but to retreat. Nevertheless, as weather conditions turn into torrential down pours of rain in the belated wet season, Hyaenodon are in their element - chasing Enteledon around with little difficulty. Perhaps it is best to reason that whilst terrifying, the Enteledon are rather less serious hunters - as in the case of the Hyaenodon - than they are brilliant omnivorous opportunists.

==Walking with Beasts=It appears in the third episode. A male was seen at the plains drinking at the watering hole and it chased away an intruder. Three Entelodons chase away a Hyaenodon and scavenge/steal its meal (a dead Chalicotherium). During the dry season, Entelodons were seen trying to get enough water. During a rain storm, an Entelodon was chased by a Hyaenodon. When the baby Paraceratherium was grazing on leaves of a branch, it saw an Entelodon and chased it away. They were the ancestors of pigs and hippos.


The Entelodon was also seen in The Lost World.