Euchambersia is a small therocephalian, a mammal-like reptile.

Walking with MonstersEdit

At night a Euchambersia was identified as a Therocephalian and as nocturnal hunters. One of these predators kills a Lystrosaurus with its deadly venom. The narrator claimed that the venom is more lethal than a black mamba's.

The Lystrosaurus collapses on the ground and the Euchambersia feed on the dead animal.


  • The Cynodonts have the simillar versions like Euchambersia.
  • The presence of the venom in those mammal-like reptiles is speculation, as that cannot be proven via fossilized bones, unless we find a space where venom glands could be held.
  • In Primeval, there are venomous therocephalians that are possibly Euchambersia.

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