Gigantopithecus blacki img1
Gigantopithecus blacki, was the largest primate of all time, the "original King Kong" at 3.5 metres tall and probably over a tonne in weight. It lived in the Far Eastern forests, from 7 Million Years Ago - possibly as recently as 30,000 Years Ago. It was a formidable bipedal creature with extremely powerful forelimbs and strong bulk supporting hindlimbs.


This extraordinary animal would have been encountered by one of our own ancestral species, Homo Erectus. It fed upon the lush vegetation of its exotic environment, mostly tropical fruit and the hugely abundant bamboo plants.

Walking With CavemenEdit

Gigantopithecus blacki, was shown to browse in the dense Bamboo forests of Far East Asia, where Homo Erectus also lived. However, in spite of being herbivorous, the Humans are terrfied when we see a hunting band run into a Gigantopithecus. These enormous apes are shown to be highly aggressive when disturbed from foraging. When angered, a massive Gigantopithecus would have been extremely dangerous to the 40-60 kg Homo erectus. It is also believed that Gigantopithecus could be the real life sasquatch, possibly having crossed the Bering Land Bridge from Asia to North America.