A Gorgosaurus appears in March of the Dinosaurs, as Northerly contempory of the similarly massive yet less gracile and less agile Albertosaurus. Around 28 feet (9 metres) long and weighing 2-3 tonnes, Gorgosaurus was a fearsome predator - which preferred as many Tyrannosaurids would have - to ambush and briefly pursue its prey. Gorgosaurus is one of various Tyrannosauroideans that lived only very shortly before the famous show stealer Tyrannosaurus rex evolved, and as in the case of Gorgosaurus, they were only a dozen or so feet shorter than Tyrannosaurus rex already in their day, millions of years before the king of the Maastrichtian in North America appeared as the biggest and nastiest Tyrannosaurid ever.

Nevertheless, Gorgosaurus was a finely balanced carnivore, being more agile that Tyrannosaurus rex and still packing a powerful bite greater than anything alive on land today can match. Gorgosaurus was the top predator in its region.

Gorgosaurus appeared in the 3D movie adaptation of Walking with Dinosaurs. The named individual known as Gorgon, is the main antagonist of the film.