Halisaurus was the one of the smallest of Mosasaurs, reaching only 4 metres long (a smaller Mosasaur still for example, being the 2-3 metre long Clidastes) It lived in the Late Cretaceous seas as did many other sea creatures, like Xiphactinus and Tylosaurus - the latter being the biggest known species and the top predator of the seas of that time.


Halisaurus was carnivore, specialising on coastal shelf ambush, hunting smaller prey items such as the still relatively large 2 metre long Hesperornis. They were probably sneaky creatures, keeping away from potential predators such as large sharks and other Mosasaurs.

Sea Monsters: A Walking with Dinosaurs TrilogyEdit

Halisaurus was seen in the last episode of Sea Monsters, in the Deadliest Sea of all time, but it wasn't considered a major threat  though a 4 metre long Mosasaur is the match of most Sharks today besides ones like Great White Sharks.

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