Homo habilis were hominids that lived in the same place and time of Homo rudolfensis and Paranthropus boisei, another kind of hominid. They also lived with other creatures such as sabre-tooth cats like Dinofelis, or Deinotherium, a gigantic elephant relative three times bigger than modern African Elephants.

They were about 1.30-1.35 metres tall and fed mostly on meat from carcasses of dead animals. Another kind of hominid, the Homo rudolfensis, was also carnivore, resulting in many confronts for food.

Homo habilis was the first hominid to create stone tools, and they used it to broke bones of carcasses and eat the bone marrows inside them. That creativity allowed them to survive, unlike the other hominids like Homo rudolfensis and Paranthropus boisei.