HomoRudolfensis01 (1)

Homo Rudolfensis

The Homo Rudolfensis were hominids that lived in Africa, 2 Million Years Ago. They were probably rivals of Homo Habilis, because both species fed on meat, so, the confronts for food were frequent. They were taller than their enemies, the Homo Habilis, and could reach 1.40 meters tall. But Homo Habilis weren't the only dangers that Rudolfensis had to face. Some predators like the Dinofelis or the then recently evolved modern lions could easily kill these hominids.


Walking with CavemanEdit

Homo rudolfensis appeared in the second episode of Walking with Cavemen ("Blood Brothers"). In the episode, a group of rudolfensis fought a clan of Homo Habilis for a carcass, but the predator who killed it, an African Lion, returns and scares both hominids.

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