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Kaprosuchus (also known as a boar-crocodile, in reference to its large front teeth, which resemble that of a boar) is a extinct genus of crocodyliform. It possesses three sets of tusk-like teeth that project above and below the skull, one of which in the lower jaw fits into notches in upper jaw. This type of dentition is not seen in any other known crocodyliform. Fully grown Kaprosuchus where estimated to have been around 6 metres (20 feet) in length. The diet of kaprosuchus is mostly unknown, due to the animals size it would have been very unlikely the animal had the diet of other water based crocodyliforms. It seems that the animal would have most likely have hunted large land based dinosaurs like Iguanodon. Even though the
Kaprosuchus 2
creature is over 20 feet long, it estimated it can run around 40 kmph. This terrifying beast was a menace to the team in Series 4 and 5.



  • In the Primeval site, the Kaprosuchus is said to be found in Madagascar. This is incorrect, since Kaprosuchus was actually found in Niger.

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