Lystrosaurus was a relatively large herbivorous Dicynodont, one of the mammal like reptiles.

Walking with DinosaursEdit

Lystrosaurus didn't appear in the main series.

Walking with MonstersEdit

A Diictodon evolves into Lystrosaurus. When Lystrosaurus migrate at night, a therocephalian called Euchambersia killed a Lystrosaurus with its deadly bite with toxic venom, which is more lethal than a black mamba's, though none of the other members are aiding the dying memeber. The Lystrosaurus dies and the Euchambersia clan feast. The Lystrosaurus cross a river and many were killed by gathered Proterosuchus. A Lystrosaurus later bumps into the camera screen and sniffs it. At the end, a Lystrosaurus corpse is seen as a Euparkeria feasts on the dead creature.

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