Arthropleura and Nigel

Arthropleura and Nigel.

The Male Arthropleura is an Arthropleura from Prehistoric Park. 

Nigel was carrying the Pulmonoscorpius in a cage and he tripped on something; another Arthropleura. Nigel Marven realised that the Arthropleura buried itself in the leaves. Unless Nigel can save it, it shall be burned alive. Nigel ran off to get something, running back and catching the Arthropleura in a blanket, wrapping it to prevent it from escaping. Nigel opened the time portal as the fire intensified. Nigel tied the rope on a Titanosaur and the Titanosaur pulled the jeep with Nigel's crewmen and the Carboniferous invertebrates. Bob rewarded the Titanosaur with a rock (which shall be eaten providing digestion aid, as did such rocks which are preserved as gastroliths, from the Dinosaurs in their time)

Back in the Bug House, Bob checks on the new arrivals. Bob was looking for the Arthropleura and he fed it with leaves. It turned out the large Arthropleura is herbivorous.

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