The Male Gorgosaurus is a huge Gorgosaurus and one of the main villains in March of the Dinosaurs. He first appeared killing a young Edmontosaurus. When the Female Edmontonia (an ankylosaur) watches the herd leave, she was being watched by the Male Gorgosaurus, but he then spies a Troodon (Patch). The Gorgosaurus fights the Troodons that were stealing his food and Patch gets his chance to feed the carcass that the other Troodons were feeding on. The Gorgosaurus gets bitten on the leg by an angry Troodon, but the Troodon gets killed by the Gorgosaurus. All the Troodons (including Patch) retreat. In winter, Patch was making a nest for a mate, but he fails and accidentaly enters the Gorgosaurus's cave as the Gorgosaurus wakes up and roars. The Edmontonia tries to challenge the Gorgosaurus into a duel, but both might loose the fight so they both backdown. The Edmontonia tries to get a last leaf on a tree, but she accidentaly breaks the rotten log she was on as she slips and is turned upside down. The Troodon clan and Patch go after the Edmontonia, but the Gorgosaurus hears all the noise and wakes up and he begins to pull the Edmontonia to his cave. The Edmontonia gets back on her feet and whacks the Gorgosaurus on the leg, which caused a crushing blow for the Gorgosaurus. The Gorgosaurus gets back to his cave where he will either bleed to death or starve. In the end, the Gorgosaurus dies in his cave where Patch takes a piece of flesh to his mate. This Gorgosaurus model was covered in pointy feathers.