Male Koolasuchus is a large Koolasuchus from Spirits of the Ice Forest. He is first seeing devouring a dead Leaellynasaura that didn't survive the cold weather. When the cold weather ended, the Leaellynasaura clan see the Koolasuchus coming out of his hybernation lair and he is no threat to the live little dinosaurs. The Koolasuchus goes to his summer home where he meets another Koolasuchus. He later tries to catch one of the young Laeallynasaura, but failed. When winter begins again, Koolasuchus leaves his summer home and he heads to his hybernating home where he will survive. When spring comes, the Koolasuchus wasn't seen, but it is likely that he got out off-screen and went back to his summer home.

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