The Male Thrinaxodon is a Thrinaxodon who is seen in the first episode of Walking with Dinosaurs.

In the wet season, his mate has layed eggs and they hatched, revealing baby Thrinaxodons. His job is to find food for his family. However, when the dry season has started, Coelophysis are searching for them to eat and one of the young Thrinaxodons has been eaten by a Coelophysis and the male chases the dinosaur away. Unfortunately, the male and his mate had no choice, but to cannibalize their own young for food. At night, the Male Thrinaxodon went out to search for food. He then only caught a little meat, a baby Coelophysis. When the wet season returned, the female has just layed a new clutch of eggs. The male continues to rest with his mate

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