mamenchisaurus was a giant based on the abydosaurus,giraffatitan and sauropesidon sized sauropod dinosaur with m.sinocanadorum,m. jingyangesis,m.hochuanensis,m.anyuensis,m. youngi,m. constructus and m. juvenille and her 1500 children and babies middle jurrasic and found china and its name means (''to the chinese mamenxi or asian mamen brook lizard'') and he can grew up to 255 ft. long and weigh over 43 pounds and as tall as giraffes and 14 kids and the club tails had a same as omeisaurus ankylosaurus euplocephalus tarchia shunosaurus and saichania and they had predators like yangchuanosaurus gang along with 19 guanlong packs and take a bigger bite of his neck back tail and eye with hsisosuchus,teleosaurus and sunosuchus to injured her of the juvenille and her eye was black injured and to dangerous to go in the quicksand and he creating death traps to epidexipteryx and agilisaurus but not anchiornis but the monolophosaurus tries to eat the children really fast and then huyangosaurus flicks for tail super hard with his spiky tail and with scratched blood on his and then the 1500 groups of other mamenchisaurus running middle into the snowstorm in the dark and then walk in the ice and then fall down into the water music audiomachine - Guardians at the Gate

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