Mapusaurus rosae, was a 9-10 metre long Carcharodontosaurid living in what is now present day Argentinian Patagonia, South America. It was one of the largest Theropod Dinosaurs ever to evolve as far as we know, easily within the top 10 largest Theropods, the 5th or 6th largest depending on what the outlook is. The animal was found in a group, preserved together, being a rival to the contemporary Giganotosaurus, its close cousin, in size and doubtlessly in ferocity (though Giganotosaurus was about a metre or so longer) Mapusaurus hunted in pack strength, and went after prey as large as the mighty Argentinosaurus Titanosaurid Sauropods.

It lived over 90 million years ago, a large Cretaceous Theropod Dinosaur, and an impressive animal.

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