Martha vs Mathilda

Martha is a lone female Woolly Mammoth to live on Earth.

She was seen in the series of Prehistoric Park and she was rescued from hunters and Nigel puts her in Mammoth Mount and she isn't eating. The Elasmotherium was happy to be in his new home. Like moddern elephants, they need to stay to their herd and so do Mammoths. Martha barely able to stand up is dying of lonleyness. Nigel and his crew have a herd of African elephants and the Matriach goes to Martha and she knows that the Matriach elephant has never seen an unfamiliar elephant. Martha was accepted to the herd. The baby elephant was seperated by the elphant herd when Matilda the Tyrannosaurus attacked and she goes after the elephant, but Martha blocks Matilda's path. After a few weeks, Prehistoric Park has brought in the extra keepers it needs.

Martha is finally accepted to the elephant herd, because she saved the baby elephant from Matilda.

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