Microraptor from Prehistoric Park

Microraptor was a small, four winged dinosaur from China.

It translates as "Small Predator". It fed on Insects and other small creatures. It had to be wary from the chance of being crushed by a Titanosaurus.

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In Walking with DinosaursEdit

Microraptor never appeared in the main series.

In Prehistoric ParkEdit

Microraptor appeared in Prehistoric Park's third episode,Dinobirds, as a main anatogist. It was probably cuter in the series than in real life. And also, in the series, Microraptor seemed to be taunting Nigel Marven, running away when he tried to catch them, and not coming into his trap until two male Incisivosaurus knocked it down.

In Real LifeEdit

Microraptor was truly a four winged dinosaur, with long feathers on it's arms, and even longer feathers on it's legs. One of it's main predators was the venomous, but closely related, Sinornithosaurus

Microraptor probably used its toe claws to climb up trees in its Chinese home, providing it with a vantage point and a place of sanctuary. The only real threat to it was probably Sinornithosaurus, which was also able to climb. Microraptor would probably outmaneuvre its cousin in the air, but the long feathers on its legs would prove a hindrance once on the ground, a problem not faced by Sinornithosaurus.

Microraptor probably ate small insects released from rotten wood disturbed by larger animals. It may also have fed on lizards or smaller reptiles, like Xianglong, or small mammals.

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