New Zealand is an island in Oceania and right next to (New Zealand is on the southern right on the map) Austraila. The main city is Auckland. It was uused as a main filming location in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and also one of the main ones in Walking with Dinosaurs.

Walking with DinosaursEdit

Although the main location in Time of the Titans was the Redwood National Forest in California, New Zealand played a part: where they enter the prairies. New Zealand was the main filming location in Giant of the Skies, with the beaches, forests--- Hey! Save a part for Tasmania! It was also a location in Time of the Titans, it played some of the forest and prairies in the last part. In Giant of the Skies, it (Tasmania) played Cantabria, where Ornithocheirus tried to land and mate. The forests were New Zealand. He died eventually, with the beach his carcass was on being New Zealand. (Okay, back to New Zealand!) New Zealand was the filming location in Spirits of the Ice Forest, the forests, the water. In Death of a Dynasty, although the main filming location was in Chile's Conguillío National Park, New Zealand played a role in some of the forests.

If you didn't get much of it, let me, Sebcon12 explain.

Time of the TitansEdit

In Time of the Titans, it was filmed when the Stegosaurus and Diplodicus met, and the Damselflies were eaten by a neighboring Anurognathus.


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