Paranthropus boisei, often refered as boisei, was an hominid that lived 2 milion years ago in Africa, with other hominids like Homo Habilis and Homo Rudolfensis, and creatures like the Ancylotherium and the feline Dinofelis.

Their teeth design shows that they were hervibores and they behavior was similar to the modern gorillas'.

They weren't adaptable and the climatic changes probably lead them to exctintion, since the plants they ate were eliminated due to the high temperature. The opposite happened to Homo Habilis, one of the most adaptable hominids that ever existed. This last one was able to adapt to the climatic changes, created the first weapons and developed their hunt method drastically. Homo Habilis were, however, lead to extinction due to the rivalry with a new african hominid, the Homo Ergaster.