A jaguar sized predator it rivaled gastornis the king of the eocene. Patriofelis was a creodont it hunted the most formidable of animals of the eocene later in time the brontotheres it would wait in ambush hiding in a tree and then pounces on it's prey. It was a good swimmer possibly even semiaquatic. In one picture it was shown having webbed feet and killed an early alligator which the webbed feet, astonishing swimming skills and stream lined body are all good evidence it was possibly semiaquatic. It looked like a panther but it's part of a linage that died out due to being outcompeted by the nimravids.
It like all creodont didn't have flexible wrists instead the creodonts were limited to moving their paws up and down and like most early carnivorous mammals had small brains with not that large of a neocortex but instead other sences were more important to it like smelling and depth vision and astonishing hearing.

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