Physogaleus were prehistoric sharks from the Eocene Epoch. They were one of the most fearsome creatures of their time and their only predator was the killer-whale Basilosaurus.

They were around 2 metres long and ate mostly fish, but they would not hesitate in attack other animals, like the primate Apidium.

Physogaleus made an appearence in the 2003 book version of Sea Monsters: A Walking with Dinosaurs Trilogy, where it it is attracted to dead Dorudon, killed by the basilosaurus.

In Walking With Beasts, in the episode Whale Killer, the Physogaleus, although unidentified, played a minor role, in the beginning two are eaten by a Basilosaurus, and later, in the mangrove swamp, one kills and eats an apidium, as seen on the picture, and a few of them pass by Moeritherium in the water.