Plesiopleurodon was a Pliosaur Plesiosauroid related to Liopleurodon. It lived in the Early Cretaceous, and was about 16 metres long.

Walking with DinosaursEdit

Plesiopleurodon makes a cameo appearance in Giant of the Skies. While the Ornithocheirus is flying over the ocean, Plesiopleurodon is seen to eye the huge Pterosaur passing above the water surface in low flight. Although a genuine threat to a delicately built Pterosaur, and easily powerful enough to lanuch itself out of the water to a low height to grab the Pterosaur from the air, this Plesiopleurodon seemed more curious than hostile. It raised its head up briefly to look at what had passed overhead, and then it dipped its head back down as it carried moving through his mysterious waters. Though the CGI model for Liopleurodon was clearly the basis for this unidentified 'hungry monster', having been recoloured in rendering to look sort of Matt-Brown in colour, or some mottled dull colour covering the entire body, this cameo species was not as well animated. It looks more like the pilot episode rough CG designs of a Pliosaur, and likely was only given slightly better animation. Nevertheless, its appearance lasted for less than 10 seconds, so this seems a fair matter. Also this recoloured model was misidentified as Liopleurodon in the U.S. dub narrated by Avery Brooks.


Plesiopleurodon appears in Chased by Sea Monsters: A Walking with Dinosaurs Trilogy for a brief moment swimming in the Background