Princess is a female Dracorex in Primeval.

In series 3, she went through an anomaly and went into the Medevial times and a knight thought she was a dragon nd attempts to kill her. She came out of the anomaly and ended up in the junkyard and she was injured.

Abby takes care of her with Connor and the knight comes to kill the Dracorex. Abby battles him and tells him that the killing the Dracorex won't phofill his destiny and his children won't be born with his wife. So the knight left back to the Medevial times and Princess the Dracorex is kept in the ARC.

In series 4, there was no anomaly to send her home so she escaped out of the ARC and went on a rampage and new members of Primeval lure her into Lester's office and let her had a drink of water. Princess begin to destroy the office, but Becker tranquilized her.


  • It shows that her name was revealed by Matt Anderson (while luring her into Lester's office with a jug of water) in episode 4.1.

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