Proterogyrinus was an anthracosaur, belonging to the class of amphibians. Proterygrinus was around 2.5 metres
long, and was heavily built was powerful jaws. It was more than a match for the large arthropods of the swamps.

Walking with MonstersEdit

In episode 2, Proterogyrinus were first seen at the lake where two were fighting. Later, another Proterogyrinus, is shown to clash with the giant Myriapod Arthropleurid, Arthropleura. After a heated battle, the Proterogyrinus skewers the huge arthropod upon a covenient tree stump, then eating its exposed innards. The Proterogyrinus are depicted in another notable scene, to attempt to catch the 'wind falling' of giant Dragonflies, the Meganeura, which had been forced down from the canopies as so to take shelter from the brutally violent super-oxygenated atmosphere fueled lightning storm raging above. Several of the large amphibians are shown leaping up out of the water as they sense that prey swarms above them. This is one of the more speculative portrayals of the series as a whole, as no such evidence for such behaviour has been noted Palaeontologically, although other animals have similar feeding behaviours (who for example could have guessed that the little Archer Fish still alive today, hunts its insect prey by firing powerful blasts - the 'arrows' - of water to knock them from overhanging branches and leaves into the river or lake. Perhaps nature is more imaginative than we are)