Proterosuchus is a chasmatosaur that was possibly a direct relative of true crocodilians. They were dangerous riverside hunters, and are well known from numerous fossils, indicating they were wildly successful in the Early Triassic Period. Proterosuchus was one of the largest land reptiles during the Early Trassic Period. They were certainly the largest Archosaurs yet to evolve (at the time set in Walking With Monsters, 248 Million Years Ago)

Walking With DinosaursEdit

These carnivores weren't seen in the main series.


A family of Proterosuchus were seen in Walking with Monsters. They were basking in the sun and a dragonfly had landed within the mouth of a Proterosuchus, perched on its teeth. A Euparkeria tried to catch it, but it left when the Proterosuchus woke up. The Lystrosaurus reached to the other side, but the Proterosuchus caught one. Euparkeria transforms into a giant dinosaur - as a short hand demonstration of how the Dinosaurs evolve. This, causing a nearby Proterosuchus to recoil, clearly intimidated (this last section is a mere act of an artistic license demonstration of evolution, and should not be taken so seriously, as Proterosuchus and Allosaurus were separated by tens of millions of years and they never really met) Instead, Proterosuchus was simply replaced by the newer Crocodylians.