Not even Brontoscorpio stands a chance against Pterygotus, 412 MYA.

Second largest Sea Scorpion of all time, at 2.3 Metres Long, the size of an average Crocodile. It was referred to as the largest of all time in Walking With Monsters - an honour that is actually that of Jaekelopterus (which is 2.7 Metres Long-3 Metres long) However, this find was only after Walking With Monsters was made and broadcast, so it was a fair claim at the time. The Eurypterid was an apex predator, rivalled only by the larger Cameroceras Orthocone which was still hanging on in the Silurian when Pterygotus lived. It is possible these titans clashed at times, with uncertain outcomes. Though Cameroceras was 12 metres long at best, the Pterygotus would have been too big to simply engulf, and would have been a highly agressive target - think of little scorpions today, and how much fear and respect all other animals including us, see forced to have force them due to their improportionate fearsomeness.

Other information

  • Jaekelopterus rhenaniae is more recently the largest of the Eurypterids.