Rascal is a male Troodon from Prehistoric Park. He is seen in episode 6 where Nigel managed to get a female Deinosuchus back and Rascal noticed Nigel's jeep and he snucked in. After the Deinosuchus was sent to the 21st century, Bob went to the Titanosaurs and he saw Rascal the Troodon and he started attacking Bob and the jeep caused to make one of the Titanosaurs panic and the Troodon pops out ofthe jeep and leaves. The Titanosaur realases the Ornithomimus flock, Phorusrhacos, Elasmotherium, and unleashes Matilda the Tyrannosaurus rex. Rascal begins to chase 2 memebers of the Prehistoric Park workers.

In the end, Prehistoric Park has brought in the extra keepers it needs and all the animals are back in their encloueres. Bob deals with the stow-away Troodon by trapping him in a cage and names the Troodon Rascal.

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