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As seen in Walking With Monsters.

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A herd of Scutosaurus in the Permian Hills.

Scutosaurus was a large Pareiasaur Anapsid of Europe, in the Pangaean deserts of Europe, particularly Russia (Siberia) It weighed over a tonne, was 5 metres long, 2 metres tall and was a herbivorous reptile. It was a powerful herbivore, but lone ones could be prey for large carnivorus reptiles, like gorgonops. it was covered in scutes of armour, hence its name which means, Shield Lizard.


Strange as it seems, being an Anapsid, Scutosaurus was a close relative to the ancestors of the Turtles and Tortoises. It has even been suggested that Scutosaurus was amongst their ancestors, though this is rather unlikely. Nevertheless, it could have been a distant relative to them.

Scutosaurus would have encountered large Therapsid carnivores in its day, such as the monstrous Gorgonops. Only the oldest and weakest - or those isolated and lost from their herds - were at real danger from these predators though, as they were powerful beasts.

Walking With MonstersEdit

The Scutosaurus is in the third episode of walking with monsters. an old,sick one is killed by a gorgonops. later, a herd arrives and drink all the water in the water hole before feeding on the shrubs and swallowing stones to help grind up the vegitation. to show that, there is a close up of one's stomach with the gastroliths. then the herd leaves.

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