Prim Sabertooth
Smilodon was mentioned in episode 1.4 by Helen Cutter as "sabre-toothed killers". However, she apparently lied when she claimed they would come through at that point, and escaped through the Spaghetti Junction. They are also seen, in skeleton form, in Cutter's office. The cat made a proper appearance in the second series, rampaging through a local park. It was being looked after by a ranger named Valerie, who apparently had cared for it since it first came through, as a cub. She was later killed by it (though the casualty is not shown). The cat was apparently killed by a heart attack after being tranquillised. When Cutter hears of this he is puzzled since it was healthy, pointing towards other involvement. In fact, the sabre-tooth was really smuggled along with several other creatures. It reappears in episode 2.6 and episode 2.7&nbsp

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