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Spinosaurus was the largest carnivorous dinosaur of all time. It measured 18 meters (50 feet) long, 4.9 to 7.7 meters (16 to 25 feet) tall and weighed 11 (12 tons) tonnes. Spinosaurus lived in Cretaceous North Africa from 102 to 93 mya and was the dominant predator. It competed for food with Carcharodontosaurus and Sarcosuchus. This massive carnivore likely preyed on fish, dinosaurs, and pterosaurs. Its crocodile-like skull, and especially the holes which were said to contain sensors, support this.

Discovered by famous german paleontologist Ernst Stromer in 1912, it was depicted with a skull resembling that of a Megalosaur. During World War II, the specimen was lost during an allied bombing raid, since the museum it was housed in was across the street from the Nazi headquarters. Then in 1986, the well known dinosaur Baryonyx was discovered, which changed the look of Spinosaurus forever. The old depictions made it look like a Megalosaur with a sail on its back, but Baryonyx changed this view to more of a bipedal crocodile with massive, muscular arms and a sail on its back.

When the 2001 movie Jurassic Park III was released, Spinosaurus got its first major boost in popularity, as it was depicted tearing apart an airplane, killing a T. Rex and overturning a boat. Palaeontologist Jack Horner said this to Steven Spielberg About replacing the t.rex: "If the length of a carnivore was equal to how much strength it has, then Spinosaurus is the ultimate predator. However,the T rex can snap the spinosaurus's neck with a single bite in real life. Spinosaurus had long jaws up to 5.5 feet (1.65 meters)long, and conical teeth designed to snatch fish from the water.One of these fish would be known as Onchopristis,a giant sawfish that was 25 feet long. Also it had a large sail on its back that measured up to 8 feet high. It had Massive Clawed forearms that were up to 2.3 meters (7 feet) long. It used them to walk on land because of its Front- heavy built body. It had flat webbed feet for swimming and standing in muddy surfaces. It had a long flexable tail like a Crocodiles to propel it through the water. It had Small back legs that were only 7 to 10.5 feet (2.3 to 3.1 meters) long. It had a long neck up to 7.5 feet (2.3 meters) long long for faster mobility when catching fish. It was also the first ever Dinosaur to Swim. It was the best dinosaur ever.

2014 Spinosaurus Skeleton

New Spinosaurus skeleton