The "Spring-Heeled Jack" Raptor is a supposed name given to a Dromaeosaurus that appeared in Primeval Series 5 Episode 3. It is claimed to be a female raptor. Although it is not called "Spring-Heeled Jack" Raptor in the show, the name Spring-Heeled Jack was the title by Victorian London to the perpetrator of several gruesome murders in 1868 London, which were in actuality caused by a Raptor.


Episode 5.3Edit

The raptor came through an anomaly from the Cretaceous to London in 1868, where it went on a killing spree and became known as "Spring-Heeled Jack". It later came through another Anomaly into an Art Museum in present day London. The ARC team arrived and were attacked by the Raptor, until Hilary Becker tricked the creature into jumping back through the Anomaly while it was attempting to kill him.

In the Victorian, Matt Anderson found the Raptor in an old storage shack in a Victorian warehouse, but it fled the scene when Emily Merchant arrived. A short time later, the Raptor attacked Henry Merchant's stagecoach in the street, scaring the horse off and killing the driver. The Raptor then returned to its nest in the Victorian warehouse, followed by Matt and Emily. Matt distracted it with a whip until Emily knocked it out with Matt's EMD.

Matt and Emily then dragged the unconscious Raptor back to the Anomaly, and threw it down a stairway through the Anomaly and back into the art museum in the present. When Henry Merchant came through the Anomaly and set off the art museum's motion detectors, the noise woke the Raptor up. It attacked and killed Henry before Becker either killed it or knocked it back out with an EMD. It is unknown what happened to the Raptor afterwards, but if it survived Becker's EMD shots, then it was presumably placed in the ARC's Menagerie.

Episode 5.4Edit

When future beetles invade the ARC, and Connor explains the idea of using a gamma ray burst to kill the beetles, Abby says that all the menagerie creatures including the Columbian Mammoth, Diictodon, Dracorex, possibly the Silurian Scorpion captured by Stephen in Episode 2.7, and possibly the Raptor from Episode 5.3 would be safe from the burst when it occurred.


  • The Spring-Heeled Jack Raptor in Series 5 had no protofeathers at all, it has been theorised by some fans that this was because the Raptor had contracted a disease in Victorian London that caused its protofeathers to fall out, because the empty knobs where the protofeathers were attached were visible. Alternatively, it could have just been moulting.

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