An image of Squalicorax through Nigel's periscope

Squalicorax is a small shark from the Cretaceous. and it was killed by other predators like xiphactinus and halisaurus and tylosaurus it use its teeth to grab its prey like fish and hesperornis their enemies are tylosaurus the g iant mosasaur and the fish called xiphactinus they use their fins like sails there meat eaters they eat meat like great white sharks and   they  can mate males are the largest of the females  they use their jaws to  catch their foods and they use their nostrils the picking water  these sharks are biggest of them all

Walking with DinosaursEdit

Squalicorax didn't appeared in the main series.

Sea Monsters: A Walking with Dinosaurs TrilogyEdit

Squalicorax was seen in the final episode in the Cretaceous in a deadly ocean (known as Hell's Aquarium) where a huge cloud of blood was in the sea and a gang of Hesperornis were swimming away and a Squalicorax was seen with Xiphactinus and Halisaurus and Squalicorax just left.

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