The thylacoleo was a carnivorous marsupial that lived in Australia during the Ice Age. It went extinct about 20,000-10,000 years ago.


In Prehistoric park Episode 4

The thylacoleo was one of three choices of cat or cat like Animal that Nigel could bring back to the park. Acording to Nigel the thylacoleo was an excellent climber and it would climb into trees and wait for prey to come near then it would leap down on its victim. Being a marsupial the thylacoleo young grew in a pouch like other marsupials such as the Kangaroo and Tasmainian devil.

In What Killed the Mega Beasts (not part of Walking with) Thylacoleo was the first of the Mega Beasts to appear in and die in the program. The program reaired as the first episode of another mini series called Prehistoric Predators of the Past.

The Marsupial Lion in What Killed the Mega Beasts

The thylacoleo is also called the marsupial lion because of its cat like appearence.

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