Troodon is a dubious genus of small troodontid with a
small sickle claw. Troodon, means 'Wounding Tooth'. The Troodontids were close relatives of the Dromaesaurs.

These creatures use their claws to hold down their prey besides clawing them.

They were around 2 metres long, over 1 metre tall, and had the largest brain in relation to body size, of any Dinosaur. It has been claimed that this would have given this cunning reptile the same levels of intelligence as a Red Fox. This would have made it the 'smartest dinosaur known'    [75-65].

Prehistoric ParkEdit

Troodons made a major appearance in Prehistoric Park where they are seen in episode 6 where Nigel got his bait stolen by a pack of Troodons at day and night to lure a Deinosuchus. After a female Deinosuchus was brought back, a Troodon spied the jeep and smelled the food in it. The Troodon snucked in the jeep and got into the 21st century and it attacked Bob. In the ending, Bob captures the Troodon and names it Rascal, cause all of the trouble it caused. The small dinosaurs could be seen a comedic relief during the series.Edit


Troodon contest Gorgosaurus for a potential Ankylosaur victim.


Troodon also in the documentaries, March of the Dinosaurs, produced by Jasper James. A young Troodon named 'Patch', is followed through the difficult Alaskan Polar conditions, as he stays all year round struggling to survive in a harsh, cold and highly competitive environment. Patch survives, and lives to breed in later life. He had many close calls in his life, including a near fatal run in with a gigantic 9 metre long Gorgosaurus, a smaller cousin of Tyrannosaurus rex, and a contempory of Albertosaurus.


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