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    I came across this recently. Very nicely done, superb design and colours, and I have been adding things all over. I love it. Do come and talk to me about things that I can do, or ask me any questions you need answers to regarding the site and the subject of Palaeontology. I am obsessed with Palaeontology (read my 'About Me' for more, haha) Anyhow, glad to see such a Wikia operational. I have made my own in 2009, neglected it though with college studies. Well, nice to finally get back to the Wikia realms!

    Remember, any questions on Dinosaurs or the like do ask.

    BTW - Look out for new BBC series on Dinosaurs. Only seen hints at it in sweeping 'BBC 2011 upcoming tv ads' in January (literally you see it amongst clips of loads of 'normal' dramas …

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