Walking with Beasts
Walking with beasts dvd cover



Narrated by

Kenneth Branagh



Executive Producer

Tim Haines


Jasper James

First aired

15th November 2001

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Walking with Beasts is a six-part documentary series, sequel to Walking with Dinosaurs. It was aired in 2001, and focused on life after the dinosaurs, from 65.5 million to 30,000 years ago, covering the span of the Cenozoic Era - the Age of Mammals as the Mesozoic Era was for the Reptiles their time of dominance. It was narrated by Kenneth Branagh, and released in the USA as Walking with Prehistoric Beasts. Like its predecessor, it also had a companion book.


New DawnEdit

The first episode is set in the Early Eocene of Germany, 49 MYA. and follows a small family of Leptictidium through a world of dangers even after the dinosaurs have become extinct.

Whale KillerEdit

Late Eocene, 36 MYA - mammals have truly taken control of the planet. This time we follow an expectant female Basilosaurus in a search for food in an ocean famine.

Land of GiantsEdit

In Oligocene Mongolia, 25 MYA, this episode tells the story of several individual Paraceratherium surviving in a long drought.

Next of KinEdit

This episode chronicles a group of Australopithecus living in the Late Pliocene of Africa, 3.2 MYA, and how the species would evolve into modern humans.

Sabre ToothEdit

This episode takes place in the Early Pleistocene of South America, 1 MYA. It follows a pride of Smilodon, which faces many hardships including changes of leadership and a grumpy Megatherium.

Mammoth JourneyEdit

The final episode of the series is set in the very last ice age, only a mere 30,000 years ago. The central focus of the episode is a herd of Wooly Mammoths, but also talks about Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons, and how the latter would rise to dominance in the world. Th episode ends with some People looking at bones of many Animals from the seiries.