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This page contains news that has been removed from the Main Page. (news will be removed to make space for more):

26th September 2010: Disney14ph12 makes their first edit

26th September 2010: Toothless99 gives Disney14ph12 sysop rights

27th September 2010: Chasmosaurus makes their first edit

27th September 2010: Toothless99 gives Chasmosaurus sysop and bureaucrat rights

28th September 2010: New Blood is given a media page, allowing you to watch the whole episode for free!

28th September 2010: Toothless99 gives Disney14ph12 bureaucrat rights

30th September 2010: The Cast and Crew badge track is enabled!

27th October 2010: Styracosaurus Rider makes their first edit

27th October 2010: Toothless99 gives Styracosaurus Rider sysop rights

27th October 2010: It is decided by Toothless99 that this wiki can encompass Walking with Beasts, Walking with Monsters and Walking with Cavemen. This idea was (indirectly) proposed by Styracosaurus Rider.

30th October 2010: Styracosaurus Rider creates the 50th article, Quetzalcoatlus!

16th November 2010: Articles needing to be created has sparked the biggest edit spree since the founding of the wiki, increasing the number of articles by around 20!

18th November 2010: Toothless99 gives Styracosaurus Rider bureaucrat rights

20th November 2010: Uberfuzzy removes Chasmosaurus' bureaucrat rights

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